Prerequisites for candidates

The Erasmus+ program is available for all RTU students from all specializations and levels of higher education.

To apply for participation in Erasmus+ mobility a student has to be registered at least as a 3rd-semester student at the Bachelor level with at least 36 credit points gained at RTU or as a 2nd-semester student at the Master level with at least 18 credit points gained at RTU. 

The student cannot have academic debts, a weighted average grade of at least 6.25, a good knowledge of English, and a well-defined objective for participating in mobility.

Students who intend to develop a Bachelor's or Master's Thesis at a partner university should coordinate their plans with a professor of a particular university before applying. Mobility during the final semester is possible only if there is a thesis for the final semester but no study subjects to study.

In case a student applies for the Erasmus+ mobility within the same level the Erasmus or Erasmus+ scholarship has been received before, note that the maximum period of Erasmus+ mobility is 12 months; minimum – 3 months. Minimum traineeship period – 2 interrupted months.

To receive an Erasmus+ traineeship scholarship after graduation, you have to apply for it while you are still a student of RTU.

To receive an Erasmus+ scholarship, the applicant cannot be on academic leave.

Students who wish to participate in Blended intensive programmes (BIP) must participate in both physical and virtual parts! Participation in both parts is mandatory in order to receive Erasmus+ scholarship. Students must make sure that their mobility can be acknowledged and transfered to their study programme as free elective (C part) or other. (See study results transfer form from document templates.)

Student participation in BIP program is only possible if, at the time of BIP, you are a student of RTU and you are not in any mobility already. Two Erasmus mobilities can’t overlap. It is very important to have your own additional funds to be able to cover your expenses in full and pre-pay the accommodation and travel before you get Erasmus+ scholarship! Blended Intensive Programmes must be substantively similar to the respective student’s study programme at RTU. Before applying to any BIP’s at host universities, please contact Erasmus coordinators at International Mobility Unit via

Erasmus coordinators have the right to deny any applicants who have not fully completed tasks from previous mobilities (e.g. study results transfer, BM survey etc.)