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Bachelor / Master / PhDBlended Intensive Programme at Faculty of Chemistry , Summer School "Water" (August - September 2024)

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Brno University of Technology (Czechia) is inviting students to take part in a Blended Intensive Programme, Summer School “Water”.

Summer school consists of two parts: an online programme and physical mobility. This blended form makes it possible to cover a comprehensive range of topics and theoretical preparation before you go to the lab and apply new knowledge and techniques in practice.

The online part of the programme will cover theoretical basics in water-related disciplines. You will also have the opportunity to select one of the group projects and prepare for it theoretically.

During the second week you will join us in Brno and finalize the selected project in the lab. We will focus on hands-on experience and excursions, such as a visit to the local wastewater treatment plant. On Wednesday, September 4, we will be joined by the participants of the annual conference organized by Young Water Professionals Czech Republic (“Mladá voda břehy mele” in Czech) in cooperation with the Faculty of Chemistry.

Students cover expenses related to travel, accommodation, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) with support from the BIP (Erasmus+ grant).

Who can apply: Students from Biotechnology, Chemistry, Hydrology and related programs. Students will be able to participate only if they have confirmed the possibility to acknowledge/transfer BIP programme as C (or other) part study course. (Please confirm this with your academic advisor and programme director. Template in Latvian. Template in English.)

Priority: For students participating in a BIP program first time as well as students who are nominated by programme director.

BIP includes both virtual and on-site component (both must be attended obligatory):
Online: 26/08/2024-30/08/2024
On site in Brno: 02/09/2024-06/09/2024

Attending both online and face-to-face parts of the program, students will gain 3 ECTS which is 2 credit points. For students who have a part C study subject in their study plan, it will be possible to recognize part of it with the gained ECTS.

By submitting applications students apply for taking part in the project and also for the Erasmus+ scholarship. The scholarship will be provided for the face-to-face activity days partially covering your expenses (food, transport expenses, etc.). Scholarship for 5 days face-to-face program will be 545 EUR in total or 109 EUR per day. If the traveling to the host university takes place at least one day prior to the start of the program and returns – the next day after the program, there will be travel compensation for these 2 days (up to 218 EUR) after submitting documents confirming traveling dates. Additional funds are available to persons with different social statuses.

Submit an application at OutgoingExchange.rtu.lv, uploading the RTU Transcript of records for all completed semesters, CV (in English), as well as any proof of English language skills.
In case of questions regarding the scholarship, contact RTU International Mobility Unit via arturs.cernisevs@rtu.lv.

Please take into account these important rules:

  • Two Erasmus scholarship periods can’t overlap!
  • Students can participate in one BIP program only at the same time!
  • Do not apply for another BIP program if both periods overlap!
  • The full period of the BIP program means the full duration of the program – virtual learning + physical mobility!
  • Students can’t combine the semester mobility and participation in BIP within the same period of time!

All participants must make sure that their participation will not cause issues in the ongoing semester courses at RTU (please confirm this with your lecturers and academic advisors).
All participants must also fit the prerequisites. Learn more here.