Finding accommodation for your Erasmus mobility

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It is highly advisable to do the research and plan how and where to find it before you leave Latvia even if not booking the accommodation before mobility.

Note that finding accommodation is a student’s task.

Feel free to ask your host university, host company, or local ESN section for suggestions on finding accommodation.

In case of going for Erasmus+ exchange studies, see if your host university offers a dormitory to incoming Erasmus+ students and decide whether you would like to stay there. If yes, see what is the application procedure and deadline for doing it. Note that the dormitory in some cases is not the cheapest option, but at the same time, it is the safest and easiest way to find accommodation.

Some universities offer services for finding accommodation or explain the best ways for finding accommodation in the particular city sharing tips and tricks (safest areas of the city and those to be avoided, aspects you should pay attention to, the average price that is acceptable, etc.).

Join Facebook groups of Erasmus+ students of your host city and check the accommodation offers from students looking to rent out any spare rooms. Let your friends abroad know that you are looking for accommodation.

Here are some online accommodation booking platforms, where you could be looking for your Erasmus accommodation:

Always check the reviews online for the particular platform, company, or landlord.

Be aware that there are cases of students being scammed, so always look suspicious at too cheap prices and at offers where you are asked to transfer a deposit before meeting the landlord or seeing the accommodation, as it might not be as advertised or might not exist at all. Moreover, some scammers re-create the look of the most popular websites and send you a link to their corrupted website, thus, always check whether the website address is correct.

Using online platforms for booking might be safer in a way, as the transfer of payment is done only in case the offer is real. However, beware of any hidden service fees and check the reputation of the platform and the reviews online.

Always have several options to choose from if you can. This way you will have a plan B in case there is a last-minute change of plans from the landlord’s side or if the desired accommodation is not as advertised.

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10 Feb 2022